Writing Update 2

Hey guys! How are y’all doing?

I am excitedly busy (can I say that like that? I don’t know. I’m just gonna go with it 🙂 )! The rest of this month and the next are going to be craaaaazy! I’ve got a lot going on, and I hadn’t really thought about how much it was until it just kind of hit me like: Whoa. That’s a lot to do.

First things first. My writing is going really well. I have finished editing chapters one through six of my eleven. Seven and eight (soon enough, hopefully, nine) are in the works as I wait for feedback on chapters five and six- my most recently finished chapters.

Getting feedback has been really great for a couple of reasons.

  1. There are just some things that I, having read it a million times and being the author of it, wouldn’t notice. Readers know what they like to see in characters. Because I know the characters really well in my head, it’s easy to forget to get it down on paper. Anyone know what I mean? It’s like, “Oh, that’s who this character is,” or “This character would do this.” And then I don’t put it down because I just know it in my mind. Tell me I’m not the only one. It’s really hard sometimes. So getting feedback on points where I could build the character better, or just add in some more detail is extremely helpful.
  2. It’s helped me realize that there will be people who will read it and enjoy it. There are people it will mean something to. There is nothing better than hearing that someone likes your story, your plot, or your character. Or they relate to something that the character is going through. It is just one of the most exciting things, and I am new to the whole feedback thing! (This is like the first real ‘have a person read through it’ thing for me!) Ahhh, it’s just so awesome!
  3. It gets me more excited about my story. Gives me a new perspective. I have majorly struggled with just hating my story. It really is hard, because you think like, what if other people hate it too? What if they just have the worst things to say after they read it? What if they don’t read it? What if it means nothing to them? But hearing someone else’s feedback- especially a fellow writer who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes- really helps. It gives a new perspective on your story, really. Getting feedback is seriously awesome! It really does get me excited and motivates me even more to finish.

So anyway, I’ve gotten some feedback on my first four chapters, and five and six are out. I currently focusing on seven and eight. Ten and eleven are done. I just have to fill in the gap.

I’m realizing how lofty the goal I have set is. Now, it wasn’t necessarily so bad when I set it. And if I had the time, it might not feel so crazy a goal. But Life Happens…

I am excited about the things I have coming up. But I certainly have a lot. Things to finish, to prepare for, days I’ll be gone and unable to get any writing done- because even when I do get feedback on all my work, there’s still the final edit!

So, here are some road bumps.

  • Finishing school. Just this week alone is going to be crazy, and I was planning to be almost done by the end of the week. But a lot of it will likely be pushed off to next week. This would be my not so exciting road bump.
  • I’ve got a skit to learn. This is for VBS. Super excited about it. The thing is, normally, memorizing stuff isn’t too hard a task for me. I used to do plays a lot at my old church. But with everything else going on, I have to put some extra effort into it.
  • I am co-teaching a class for VBS. Ok, this is like, really exciting, because I’m a sophomore, I’ve never done something like this before, and I’m doing it with my best friend (also doing the skit with her)! Again, though. Gonna require some time.
  • I’m a part of another blog tour. YES!!!! I love these so much. Seriously, I seem to have jumped onto the blogging train (and Instagram) at the perfect time! And not only because of this, of course. I’ve met so many amazing people. Like, who knew there were other Christian, teenage, (some homeschooled, even) writers! It’s been so awesome! But anyway, I’ve got some reading to do for this one.
  • My church camp is the week before I plan to publish. (Well, on and a half to two, but not much difference.) Yikes. And ok, clearly I set my goal knowing this. The reason for the goal I set is this: I want to have my book published before I turn 16.

I don’t say any of this to complain. All except for finishing school, I’m completely excited to have these opportunities. I’m simply saying, I’ve got a lot on my plate, and I hadn’t thought about it a whole bunch until, well, I thought about it.

I don’t know if I’ll finish when I plan to. Maybe I won’t have a whole lot I need to change, we’ll see. But I don’t know.

I am very excited though. Even if I don’t finish before I turn 16, I’m getting there. A lot of what I’ve just mentioned is big, and exciting, and I look forward to all of it. Getting behind is ok. Most often, my goals are not met. But it’s good to have them because they push me to finish.

And goals are not the only thing. I have been so blessed and encouraged by the people I’ve met. It’s motivated me to keep at it.

Go follow me on Instagram, if you like (rileyalinewrites)! As I said on there, although I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for a while (until the waters kind of still again), I’m active on there. I’ll fill y’all in on my writing, and hopefully encourage you guys in your writing as well. (I’m also on Pinterest if you want to follow me there 🙂 )

Hopefully once everything has kind of settled down again, I’ll have a lot to talk about! I’ll have my second quarter blog post, a writing update, and hopefully soon to follow, a post about my *published* book!

I’ve got a lot going on, but I’m trusting God to help me through all of it.


If you’ve got any questions, prayer requests, or just want to talk about writing, feel free to leave a comment! I respond to all comments (unless for some reason you’ve got something ugly to say…but that’s never been the case!) If you’re published, leave me a link to your book, or if not, let me know about your WIP. Bloggers, leave a link as well! I hope you all have a blessed week!

When Life Happens…

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well { and being p r o d u c t i v e }

I recently set a goal: Finish editing my book by the end of May.

That seemed easy enough. I was really excited, really motivated, and getting realllllllyyyy close.

Well, guess what? #LifeHappens! 

I have been busy, busy, busy! We’ve had a birthday to plan, a funeral to go to, a concert, and so many other things ( all on top of school, which has gotten crazy as well ). Plus, I’ve been behind on blog posts, so that’s kind of stressed me out as well.

I have had next to no time for writing, and when I do have time, I’m so stressed out by everything else, or I’m just not focused or motivated at the end of the day to get anything done. 

So…what do you do when #LifeHappens?

  • Do NOT get stressed out. 

Don’t. Seriously, it doesn’t help anything. At all. I know it’s hard not to get stressed. Believe me, because my plan is to publish my book in two months, and if I don’t get some writing done, it’s not happening. I’m telling myself this just as much as I’m telling you guys. 

Philippians 4:6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

Honestly, being a Christian author is the best. Because like… God had a plan for me. He wanted me to write. So if I’m supposed to write- if that’s one of the ways I’m supposed to glorify Him- then He’s going to help me reach that goal. He’s going to guide me through the journey. I just have to pray for that peace that surpasses all understanding in the midst of my stress.

  • Remember: writing is fun, so enjoy it. It’s ok to get behind.

What I mean by that is, if you truly love writing, just write. Just enjoy the journey. If you’re not writing because you like to write, you may have a problem.

Deadlines and not reaching my goals does get stressful. But writing doesn’t- I love writing. And I just have to tell myself that, if I get behind a little, it’s ok. If i don’t meet exact deadlines, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not like if I don’t meet the deadline, my chance is over! No!! I just didn’t get it done in the timing I’d hoped for. And you know what? That happens. #LifeHappens, remember? And that’s completely ok! If you miss a deadline, do not give up. Just keep writing. You’re gonna get there, just like I will, even if it’s not the exact time planned.

  • Get back up. Don’t give up.

This is harrrrrd. It’s easy to get discouraged, tired, and just not feel like writing at the end of the day. This happens to me All. The. Time. Literally. Just a couple nights ago, we got home after a long day. I was sitting on my bed, scrolling, lettering…anything but getting out that laptop and opening up that Word document. 

I glared at it. “I don’t like you,” I whispered snarkily as I snatched it up. (No, not really, but…basically!)

I opened my laptop. I opened my word document. And…I stared at the screen. “I hate this story. I hate this. I’m so behind. I’ll never get done by the end of May. No way am I publishing it by July.” 

I typed a little. Went for the easier parts of the chapter. Read over parts I’d written…ughhhh. Typed a little more. 

And I shut it. Because GOSH, it gets hard. 

But if I do that every time I sit down to write, guess where I’m gonna get? No where. Certainly no where fast. Guys, don’t give up. Keep at it. And you know what else? Don’t hate your story. Just. Just don’t. It really doesn’t help. 

Seriously, though. Keep working! Don’t worry about the deadlines you missed! Don’t worry about when you’re going to finish! Just do it! In fact, it’s a lot easier to just sit down and work through as much as you can, because with a deadline? I tend to put it off until the last minute. Then I only get as much done as I have to. If I worked without deadlines, honestly, I’d probably get done a lot more than I had to. (Haha, I’ll definitely have a different plan with the next book!) 

So yeah. That was just as much for me as y’all because this is literally where I am right now. 

– Riley

Where are you in your writing? What’s the hardest thing for you? 

My Favorite Blogs & Social Media Accounts

Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well today! So I follow several blogs and social media accounts, and I’ve been so lucky to even get encouragement, feedback, or just inspiration from a lot of them. I thought I’d share some of my favorites for you today.


So, if you already know about James Arnold Taylor, like, you know he’s pretty cool. And while I’m recommending his YouTube…I’m recommending evvvvvverything by him (most specifically Star Wars: The Clone Wars because he plays Obi-wan Kenobi and it’s like my favorite show ever)! Anyway, but he does some really cool videos (he’s a voice actor- very good voice actor- if you didn’t know). He walks you through his book, JAT365, he’s got a show he’s doing- The JAT show, and he does cools vlogs about voice acting and stuff. It’s just really cool. Go check it out!

I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but please go check out Livy’s songs! She is amazing, and most of the songs on her YouTube are originals! My favorite is ‘Never Gonna Fade Away,’ but they are all awesome!

I lovvvvvvve Haven Avenue! They are ah-mah-zing! Plus, I kinda sorta wish I could sing like them and stuff… But the two girls play piano, and sing (ahhh they harmonize so welllll!), and in at least one of the videos I’ve seen, one of them plays the guitar. They are pretty awesome. Some of their latest covers are ‘Oceans,’ ‘We Believe,’ ‘Lead Me To the Cross,’ and ‘Cause of Christ.’ I also really love their covers of ‘East to West’ and ‘Praise You in This Storm’ (because I lovvvve Casting Crowns!) But totally check them out! They’re amazing!

Blogs & Sights:

Again, guys. I have to go on about how awesome Crown of Beauty is. Because seriously! It is! Livy is incredible! She is the founder of this sight, and she’s written several different books, including ‘Regal Hearts,’ which I reviewed for her blog tour just recently.

I literally just found her blog (did not even know she had one), but I love it! The simple reason being because she is another young writer like myself, and it’s always great to hear from another teenager (seriously guys, leave a link to your blog in the comments!). Also though, it’s just sooo pretty, and she’s totally about helping other writers along. Hers posts are so encouraging! And her books!! She hasn’t released any yet, but go check out her Found synopsis! It’s amazing! She’s awesome, y’all!

I love this blog! There’s always an encouraging post, and I was just looking back at old posts the other day and I’m like…there is all kinds of good stuff here! Seriously, go check out this blog!

Another writer like myself! It’s always fun to see other writer’s journeys. She also gives some good tips.

Abby’s blog is so beautiful! And gosh, she blogs about just about everything, feels like! Homeschooling, traveling, food, diy, and all kinds of stuff! Totally go follow her!

This one might be more familiar to y’all. Girl Defined has so many posts about being a godly woman, being pure, modest, and a lot of other ones. Like recently, they had one titled… “5 Signs You’re Obsessed with Social Media.” Yikes, that one was good. And if you’re not so into reading blog posts, they post several different vlogs on youtube! I haven’t watched a whole lot of them, but the ones I have watched have been really cool! Like they did one that was “Why you should lead a Bible Study this summer.” That one was pretty awesome!

Felicia always has super helpful writing tips, as well as some detailed book reviews! I love hearing helpful hints from other writers, or what they’ve learned! So I’m always excited when she has a new writing post up.


Fun posts, updates, giveaways! All that! Plus, I love her live videos she does. Sometimes it’s a Bible study, others, it’s just having a fun girl talk on a boring day.

Abby’s blog is bomb, and so is her Instagram. She has such a beautiful feed, with the same, light color scheme throughout! Goaaaaaals!

Awwwwwesome book account! Lol, I actually followed her after seeing a picture of the Swipe book in her feed, and then I found out that we were both reading the Homelanders series at the same time! She’s really cool guys, go check her out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my favorites. What are your favorite blogs, Instagram accounts, or YouTube channels? And if you blog, let me know in the comments! I’d love to check it out!

Halfway Celebration!

Ok, if you follow my Instagram account, you know just how excited I’ve been lately and how often I’ve said how excited I am, so! Guys, I am sorry in advance, but I’m doing it again. Because crazy as it sounds, you really do need to celebrate little victories along the way. I’d always seen writers say things like that, and I was most of the time thinking, “Nope, I can’t celebrate until I’m completely done.” Nope. Guys, celebrate your victories and your achieved goals.

I feel like starting my blog and my Instagram account helped me. All the writers I follow motivated me to finish my writing. And as I did, I would celebrate it on and off social media. And then that gave me even more excitement and motivation to continue. I’ve probably made more progress in the past four months then I have ever since I finished my first draft around two years ago.

So what am I happily celebrating right now?

I have finished over half of my book Daisy: The Homeschool Kids! My completed chapters are 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, and 11 (I skipped around a little because I needed a refresh on my ending- how I wanted things to turn out.)

As I’ve probably mentioned before, my journey through this first book process has been a little different than maybe the norm. Which is totally fine; I guess everybody has their own way of doing things. Not to say this is the way I would’ve done it had I known what I was doing. But, I did not. And I have learned a lot since then. Here’s a little of how my process went.

Characters were already screaming in my brain back in the fall/winter of 2014. But I didn’t really put pen to paper until somewhere in February or March of 2015. Then, when I had an idea of what I wanted for a story (I didn’t do the normal planning, or outlining), I typed out the first draft on my computer. That was probably just around two years ago at this point. So I finished it. Then…I took a long, long, summer vacation. Gosh, I probably didn’t pick it up again until late September, maybe October?

Here’s how prepared I thought I was, and what I was likely thinking. “Oh, I’ve got the first draft done. Let’s just go fix some things, and then I’ll be ready to get it out there!” That seemed like a good way to go. And since I’d just heard of Kindle Direct Publishing through Amazon, I was beyond excited.

I told a friend of mine, probably around March of last year, that I would be publishing very soon. I was ready. Two drafts, it was all great. It was perfect.

Haha, here I am, over a year later, and guess what’s not published?

Well, I kind of realized pretty quickly that that was not going to happen. And I believe that summer I worked up two more drafts? Then something else happened…

Yes, I totally mentioned this in How I Stay Motivated as a Writer., but I am mentioning it again. I really started to hate my story. And like, not just parts of it. Like, the whole thing. It wasn’t even a writing issue. It was just the storyline in general. Who would want to read this? Will this mean anything to anybody? I really struggled with that. So, fall of 2016, another vacation.

I can’t say that mentality ever went away completely. There are days I wonder if anybody will enjoy reading what I have to write. But I believe this is what God has called me to, and if He wants to use it, He will use it. (I have to tell myself that a lot!)

And I also knew that if I didn’t finish this first book, what was going to make me finish my next? Or another? I knew I had to get this out there first, almost as a foundation. Like ok, you’ve published. This is legit! Haha! (And believe me, I have plans for future books!)

So. New Year, I hit it hard. And look where I am now! I’m going to say it- sorry: I am soooo excited!

I keep thinking about how crazy it is… I never would’ve seen myself as a writer, even three years ago! And I just keep thinking how incredible God is. He gives us crazy and amazing passions, desires, and hobbies that we love, and He gives us the opportunity to serve Him with those things. I love writing. And I feel like it’s pretty clear that that’s what He’s called me too. In fact, I was pretty obsessed with something else for a while. I really wanted to be an actress! [I will not go into detail with this one, but long story short, I stink at it, and I pretty well knew it wasn’t my calling.] In fact, God pretty much replaced that dream with writing. Thinking back on it now, it really was pretty clear. I can remember {writing} in my journal about how, oh, writing was ok. I liked it. But I did not want to be an author. Nope. I was going to be an {awful} actress! I think God was very clearly saying “Nope.” And seriously, it was a God thing, y’all. Because I love writing, my dream is to be an author, and I am without a doubt certain this is what God has called me too. He closed the book on my acting dream and put before my eyes one that was more amazing than anything I could imagine- and He had written it.

So. This is where I am now. Halfway through my story, more motivated than ever, with concrete goals for my story’s completion. My current word count (to be exact- and this is for all of those people who have asked and I’ve given random estimates because my laptop wasn’t open at the moment) is 19,639 words.

Here are my goals for the next month:

  • May 5 – Finish Chapter 5
  • May 12 – Finish Chapter 6
  • May 19 – Finish Chapter 7
  • May 26 – Finish Chapter 8
  • May 31 – Finish Chapter 9

So, my hope is to be done by the end of May (and feel free to comment now and then and keep me honest; that would be good for me!) After that, I have a few people who have said they’d like to read through it. So basically I’ll make sure it’s not an absolute mistake to publish! When that’s done, I might make a few last changes (again, weird process!), and then…

My hopeful release date is July 15, 2017! That’s three days before my 16th birthday, and I think that’s a pretty good goal. I feel pretty confident about it, but who knows. I very well may fall back on that hope. Anyway, that’s the plan though. Again, I am so very excited!

And what’s even better is, I can finally start on book two!!! My plan is to do four books- possibly five- and I feel like the second is going to be the best. I know the overall story for each book, so. Here’s the process I hope to follow in the future.

  1. Plan. Jot down scene ideas, new characters. Whatever. Then, hopefully use the index card method of outlining. Then, once all that is done, and not a moment before (again, that’s my hope, anyway)
  2. Write the First Draft. And guess what? It is not going to be great. I love the quote that said something like, the first draft is perfect, because all it has to do is exist. I just really like that.
  3. Revision // Second Draft. Because this is the normal writing process, and you all know that, but I for some reason need it written down. So, taking out things I don’t like, adding things I do.
  4. Editing // Third Draft. Proooooofreaaaading like crazy. And for me, it will likely entail more changes, and possibly a fourth draft (while I not hope to copy my first book’s process).
  5. Self-Publishing. Along with creating a cover, adding in page numbers, and all that other stuff that goes into it (which I wouldn’t know, because I’m not even to that yet this time around…but I greatly look forward to it!)

Again, feel completely free to ask me how my writing is going. I need people to keep me working ( the main reason I have so enjoyed starting a blog and my Instagram!) It’s great getting encouragement from other writers who have been through what you have, or are even going through the same process you are. I’ve loved it.

So. The whole reason I wrote the post: my way of celebrating!! Guys, celebrate the little things! It’ll keep you motivated! It has definitely kept me motivated. Also, don’t forget to pray to the One who gave you your passion for writing!

If you have questions, or advice to give, or just want to talk about your story (I’d love to hear about it!), please leave a comment! Happy writing, everyone!

My Bucketlist

Heyyyy guys! Hope you’re doing well today!

So, everybody has dreams, goals, hopes for the future. Some may be completely realistic, some may seem absolutely impossible. But, we still have them. I’ve definitely had both. I thought I’d share my tops:

  • Publish my book!!!

Obviously this is a big one. And I feel like I’m getting really close! Sooo excited! Just imagining what it’ll be like to have published a book…like I just can’t even! I am so so so excited!! Ahhhh!

  • Meet James Arnold Taylor

1. Because he plays Obi-wan Kenobi on Star Wars: The Clone Wars (yes, as well as many, many others, but this is my fav!)

2. Because he’s just totally cool and I look up to him!

  • Meet Ashley Eckstein 

Same here. Clone Wars actress of Ahsoka, and also the founder of Her Universe. She’s so awesome!

  • Go to a Casting Crowns concert.

I lovvvvvve Casting Crowns (I guess I made that obvious in my post My Favorite Songs!) One day, I will go to a Casting Crowns concert (and I’m just saying, it’d be even cooler if MercyMe was there too? Also really like them!)

  • Go to a specific writing camp…

So I mentioned in my post First Quarter Highlights that I reallllllyyyy wanted to go to writing camp. I really don’t know if this will ever work. But hey, I can hope, right? I’m trying to save up a lot, so. I don’t know, we’ll see. Ugh I wanna go so bad!

  • Go to a MercyMe concert

Because even if it wasn’t with Casting Crowns wasn’t with them, it’d still be the bomb!

  • Start a YouTube channel

I actually started one, but I have not posted anything. Any ideas for one?

  • Write a song

Because it would be soooo cool, but it seems soooo hard! I love playing instruments, I love music, I love singing, so. Ahhh it’d be awesome! I actually just started one, so. We’ll see how it goes (all I’ve got is the chorus and a verse, but I’ve added chords and stuff, so.)

  • Learn to play the cello

Because I want to learn to play every instrument starting with this one, lol! Just kidding, that’ll probably never happen, but it would be cool. Anyway, I’d love to learn to the cello.

  • Celebrate my 16th birthday

I don’t even know what I’d wanna do. And it wouldn’t be like huge because I’ve got like…two friends in an hour’s range from me? Yeah I don’t know. But yeah, it’d be fun.

  • Go on a mission trip 

Would be soooo cool! Especially somewhere specifically helping with kids (I love helping with kids!) Hopefully someday!

  • Meet Livy (Crown of Beauty magazine founder)

Because this would be totally awesome! I’ve only talked to her a couple of times, but she is a great role model, and someone I look up to.

  • Read the whole Bible

Because I totally need to! I mean, I don’t know how much I’ve read, but it probably hasn’t been all that much speaking honestly. I need to start the read the Bible in a year thing…

  • Lose weight

Because who doesn’t? I’ve lost a little, but I’m not to my goal yet.

This is only a few I guess (the others things are kinda small, and I guess it’d take a while if I mentioned every one!) But yeah.

What are your goals, hopes, and dreams? 

My Bullet Journal

Hey guys! Thanks for coming by. I thought it’d be fun to show y’all what’s in my bullet journal. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Leuchtturm 1917 (and pens)
  • Key
  • Year at a glance
  • Year in pixels
  • Roadmap 2017
  • Monthly layout
  • Weekly layout
  • Weight goal
  • Blog post ideas
  • Bucket list 2017
  • Social media tracker
  • Writing Schedule
  • Photo Challenge 2017

I just started bullet journaling at the beginning of the year; I’ve really liked it! And it’s (for the most part) kept me on schedule with stuff. Anyway, so here it is!

  • Leuchtturm 1917

I use the dotted royal blue Leuchtturm 1917. I love it! It’s perfect for bullet journaling! My favorite pens to use are the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and the Fine Point Sharpie Pens.

  • Key

So, pretty important page here. I use task boxes a lot (sometimes they get filled, and sometimes not, lol!) But. Anyway, helpful to remember what each symbol/marked box means. I actually forgot one time what my cancelled task was… so yeah, good to be able to look back.

I don’t always use my color code, but hey. It’s fun to have when I’m around my other colors (don’t always carry them all around!); I normally stick with me super thin sharpie pen.

  • Year at a glance

I don’t have it super filled in yet, but this page helps me keep track of youth activities, events, and other stuff throughout the year. Also, if you don’t have a calendar nearby (I don’t always, especially when I’m making a new layout) it’s a quick and easy way to have those dates on hand.

  • Year in pixels

This is probably my favorite! I found the idea on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to do it myself! And gosh, I never thought it’d look so full, but wow. Already three months filled up! I cannot wait to see what it looks like by December (ok, well I can- don’t want the year to go by that fast, but you know what I mean!).

  • Roadmap 2017

Here’s another fun one! Another idea I saw on Pinterest, and I definitely prefer it over a new “memory” page at the end of each month. It’s cute, and it’s fun to go back to it each time there’s something new to add. It’s basically just highlights throughout the year. I really like how it turned out!

  • Weight goal

Another cool idea I found. And I feel like having a layout like this really pushes and motivates me to try to lose weight. No, I don’t always do so well, but… This is about my bullet journal, not my weight (which is a bit awkward to post, but. I know you won’t tell!)

  • Bucket list 2017

I thought this would be fun. Because sure, we all have those crazy bucket list ideas, but I wanted to come up with some that I could actually check off this year. So, here’s my page for that. Some I’ve checked off (ok, maybe one!) and some I’ve marked out. But I think it’ll be fun to see at the end of the year how much of it I complete, and what I don’t.

  • Blog post ideas

When I first started my blog, I figured it’d be a good idea to have a few fun, backup ideas for busy weeks. So I went ahead and compiled a list in my journal. Pretty helpful!

  • Social media tracker

So, I actually need to update this one, because I started it for my instagram (before I started my blog), so I’ll probably make a new page soon. But here’s what I’ve got right now. I think it’ll be more helpful for my blog, because for Instagram, well. It got to the point where I wanted to post more often, and some days I just did not have time. But yeah, so there’s that one.

  • Writing Schedule

Just a page to help me keep up with my writing goals. Trying to do a chapter a week.

  • Photo Challenge 2017

I want to take LOTS of pictures this year, and I thought it’d be a good idea to make a list of photos to take (so I’m sure to get them!) So yeah, why not add a page?

  • Monthly layout 

Here’s one of my favorite ones- my rainbow colored April layout (love it)! Here, I write down events for the month, jot down when to post on the blog, decide on my goals, and mark my tracker (which sometime goes well, and sometimes fails!)

  • Weekly layout 

At this point, I’ve actually already tried several different layouts just to see what I like, and I have to say this is my favorite. I started out with it, but didn’t like that it took up two pages. But, after trying some other things, I came back to this. I like having plenty of room for daily tasks, a Bible verse/quote/lyric, and my goals for the week. This is an example of one of my March layouts.

Well, that’s that! I hope y’all liked it! I know I’ve really enjoyed journaling!

Do you have a bullet journal? Any layouts I don’t have here? Please let me know about them in the comments! Hope y’all have a good weekend!

Writing Update 

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share a little update about where I am in my writing!

So, my book is ‘Daisy: The Homeschool Kids’ (read more about it here) It’s eleven chapters long- I have finished revising chapters 1-3 (really 1-4, but there’s a scene in chapter 4 that I’m not sure about yet)! 

I’m currently working on chapter 11. I thought it’d help me to switch things around a little, so I decided to go from back to front for a few chapters. Plus, always good to have the ending down, so. 

It is soooo hard not to get frustrated with my work. I mean, is it good enough? Should I publish it? What if people don’t like it?

I just recently got some real feedback for the first time. For the most part, I took it well and am taking some things into consideration. 

But gosh it’s hard! I mean, that is a real struggle for me. I’ll just be convincing myself that it’s good, and then I’ll read more of my writing…

It’s funny, though. Just recently, I was told though, “You can’t keep writing it forever. Eventually you’re gonna have to stop and just publish it.” And I think that’s mostly true (if you’ve really been working on it). I mean, not everyone is going to like my story.

Not everyone is going to like your story.

And that is completely ok! I need to tell myself this as well; but if you’ve really worked hard on your book, there comes a point where there’s really not anything else you can do. You can’t please everyone. Some people are not going to like my story. There are always going to be people who have mean things to say about it. Even just people who are there to tell you how it could be better. But some people are going to love it!

But anyway, getting frustrated with my writing is one of my biggest struggles! And with not many people who can read it and give feedback, well. Let’s just say it meant a lot to get some advice on my first chapter!! 

I’ve really gotten extra motivated though lately- I’m not exactly sure why, but hey. Who cares!

I’ve got myself to the point where I’m so excited about publishing, getting my very first book out there, and also just the fact that I’ve been working on it for over two years, and yes: there comes a time when there really isn’t anything more you can do. 

My plan right now is to do a final edit on my remaining chapters, then go back and add in a couple of things I’ve gotten feedback on! (And if you would be interested in reading some homeschool, Christian fiction, let me know! I would love some feedback, even if it’s just the first chapter or two!) 

Guys, I am seriously excited!! My current goal is just to get my book out on Amazon before my birthday in July. Like. Sometimes I just have sit and think like, I have literally written a book. And I am going to publish it!! And even more exciting, I get to start on the next book in the series!! (I have tried doing both at the same time. Does not work, because I will always go to the one I haven’t worked on for two years!!

I’m hoping to write four to five books in this series- I haven’t decided yet! My gosh, I am just so beyond excited! To God be the glory! I’m so glad He’s given me this talent and passion because I absolutely love it!

If you would read this when it comes out, let me know!!! Or go check out more about it on my page Daisy: The Homeschool Kids!

Also, if anyone needs some feedback on their writing, I’d be glad to check it out! 

Happy writing, y’all!