5 Facts About Myself

We writers all have our quirks- there’s no hiding that. In fact, we’re probably the strangest (but definitely the most awesome) people on the planet, am I right?

Well, I thought I’d share a couple of facts about me. Somewhat writing related. That, or a result of the fact that I’m a writer. And I hope I’m not the only one.

1. I’m generally a quiet person, but I’m overly loud… Yup. Ask anyone in my family, they’ll tell you I’m the loudest. Even friends who might not want to admit it know it’s true. And this is especially the case when I’m being the big sister (older siblings, you know what I mean), debating (or obsessing- they both happen frequently) with my twin brother, talking about something that excites me (or annoys me). But again, I’m pretty much always loud. Wanna know when I’m not loud? When I’m shopping. Or working on school work. Or writing (but even then, I’m normally talking to myself, and sometimes I’ll *quietly* scream or shriek, or I’ll burst out laughing because my writing is just great). Quiet person, loud talker.

2. I daydream 24/7, which is way too much for my own good. I’ve always got a story playing in my mind like a movie. Or sometimes, I’m just fantasizing about life. And sometimes, it’s really just not even helpful…like, at all. I mean, I’ll daydream about my characters, but it’s probably stuff I’ll never actually write? You know what I’m talking about? Like, my brain could be at least a little helpful even when it’s lazily daydreaming. Me: If we’re gonna daydream, can we at least do it about the book we’re currently writing? Brain: Oh, but this is getting good! Me: Yeah, but we really need to be working on- Brain: Oh, perfect plot twist!! Me: *groans* Continue.

3. I’m up in my room in most of my spare time, and it drives my family nuts. I’ve been called a hermit, unsociable, and I’ve been laughed at for calling myself an introvert. Like, um, I’m sorry, but that’s just kind of me? I don’t see it changing, so what’s the point in laughing? Yeah, I don’t know either. I actually feel like I’ve been doing better lately, but I also haven’t written in days, so… Hmmm… *shrugs*

4. I detest small talk. With a passion. Trying to begin or keep a conversation going is not my forte. I embody awkwardness! (And by the way, it is really helpful being surrounded by extroverts). Even sometimes with people I know, if we don’t get onto some topic that doesn’t require thinking up something to say, the conversation is going to drop. And I know it’s considered rude not to ask people questions back, or just in general. But when I actually decide to try, it never end well. Like, one time, someone asked me if I was working on cello, and then asked “How’s it going?” Well, me being me, I replied with “Going good, how are you?” And then…awkward pause, wait a second. She didn’t mean… Well, crud. Oh, and I gave up asking “How are you?” back to people for the most part. When I’d go to ask, they’d already be turned around with their attention on something else. Oh, and a bit of a bunny trail here, but does any one else out there feel like they are literally the whatever-eth wheel in every conversation? You’re the only one that can’t ever seem to get a word in? Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out the reason behind that one. Like, am I not speaking loud enough? Am I literally the least important in the conversation? “Yeah, and- Hey, guys, I- Me too, I-” Aghhhhhhh! Any one else? Anyway, reeling that one back in, I just can’t keep a conversation going, and I hate trying. I always manage to make things more awkward. Sorry it’s rude. If I knew how, guess what? I would!

5. I can’t talk  in front of people without my lip starting to quiver or saying ‘um’ a million times. And has anyone ever wondered what’s up with that? I mean, we’re writers? Words are everything! Is it really so hard to say them versus think or write them? *groans* *shrugs* Yesss… And it’ll crack me up when people are like, “You’re such a good writer. You know what to say.” Uhhh, yeah no, I just have a mixed love of stories and correct grammar. Sometimes, I honestly feel like I’m a fake writer. Like, why can’t I speak beautifully and eloquently? Why can’t I speak in front of people without saying ‘um’ an excessive number of times? Like, I’m really not that great a writer! Just because I’ve published a book doesn’t make me an expert (I feel like that’s maybe what some people think).

And there you have it! Five facts about me (and mostly negative, sadly; at least that’s how I’d consider them). So basically this post could’ve been entitled “I’m awkward and I can’t talk and I needed a post to write because I totally ran out of time this week.” I hope you were somewhat amused by my words (which were written amazingly of course, because I’m an expert, remember?).

What about you? What are some facts about you? Any similarities? Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


4 thoughts on “5 Facts About Myself”

  1. AHHH I RELATED TO THIS SO MUCH. Whenever people meet me for the first time I’m SO quiet, but then I’ll start talking super loud to family and such (and on the Internet, because CAPS ARE LIFE xD).

    I totally get the daydreaming thing because my mind NEVER stops. Sometimes it’s annoying and stressful (because I’m usually planning a week ahead or a year ahead lol) but I always have something to think about, that’s for sure!

    And small talk. YASS. I. Can’t. Do. It. I mean, I guess that’s how you’re supposed to get to know people, but I prefer fangirling or something deep that makes me think (or teasing/banter, if it’s my family 😉 )

    Ack, this was an awesome post <33

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, oh my word, I know! I honestly don’t understand how I have the friends that I do😂 Haha, yes, cap are great!


      I definitely prefer having something to talk about rather than “hi” “how are you” and the conversation awkwardly drops. That’s probably the reason I have friends on the internet🙄 Lol!

      Glad you liked the post (and could relate🙈 It’s good not to be the only one!😉)


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