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10 Reasons to be Thankful + NaNoWriMo Update

Has anyone else been seeing Christmas trees in people’s windows since the beginning of the month? Anyone else feel like we’ve got some people who are eager for Christmas to get here? Seems a little like that to me 😛

But. We’ve still got a little while to wait. And next week is Thanksgiving Day!

Gosh, guys. We have so much to be thankful for! Just being alive is enough to be grateful. But we have been blessed far beyond that. Not just with basic necessities, but with little things that so many people don’t have.

I’ve come up with a few fun things that I’m pretty thankful for. 😀

  • Pumpkin Flavored Things

(Because I literally love pumpkin, and I think that was born from a need for it to feel more like fall.)

  • The Cool Weather

(In Texas, it’s raaaaare, so it’s always exciting to have some not blazing hot weather.)

  • The Ability to Create

(I love writing. Nuff said.)

  • Long Novels & Toasty Fires

(Writing is great, but so is reading. So, this is definitely an important one.)

  • Rainy Days

(Rainy day’s are the best. I love the quote that says rain is the lullaby to a writer’s soul. I never knew how true that was until I saw that.)

  • Music

(Where would we be without music?? I mean, ok, I guess we could live…but could we??)

  • Friends

(Because even those of us introverted people have best friends that mean a lot to us.)

  • Long Sweaters

(Especially the ones with thumb holes…)

  • Boots

(I think I might also just love fall because of the clothes???)

  • Jesus

(He’s the most important thing on the list. Without Him, we have nothing else on this list or off of it. Because of Him, we have been blessed so abundantly. We have been given the gift of Life. We have been allowed to become children of God because of what He did for us on the cross. That’s the most important thing to remember, and be thankful for this Thanksgiving.)

NaNoWriMo Update

This has been an amazing writing month! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so productive. I have actually made myself write everyday, which is crazy. I’m really happy with my progress. I’m at 30k now, so that’s I’m on track (but I’m staring to wonder if my novel, which-might-not-classify-as-a-novel, will reach 50k… I can’t ever seem to get a high word count).

And I lovvvvvve the story I’m writing. Like, I seriously can’t even wait to see the ending. And I’m already making a mental list of changes for myself. Like, with my main character, I’m struggling between making her a little witty, or just completely nervous. So, I’m going to change some things for her. I’m also hoping to draw a rough sketch of all my settings (I have a map, but it’s kind of general). Plus. Names. Anyone have any advice on giving characters last names? Because first names are hard enough, but I usually learn them as I’m getting to know my character. Last names, though. That’s hard. I also need a name for my country. So, I’m got some brainstorming and probably some research to do.

What are you thankful for? How’s NaNoWriMo going for you?

6 thoughts on “10 Reasons to be Thankful + NaNoWriMo Update”

  1. PUMPKIN FLAVORED THINGS ARE LIFE. Pumpkin pie is my favorite, but I also found a pumpkin/ fall flavored tea at the store. Even after I’m done drinking it, I leave the cup in my room for a few hours to make it smell good 😂

    I’m so happy your novel is going well! And yes, last names are soooo hard. I usually find first names that have a symbolic meaning, but last names just … don’t work 😛

    Great post! ❤

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    1. I KNOW right?? And that’s a good idea… I want to get some pumpkin (and fall-scented in general) wax things for my room too.

      Thanks! And I know🙄 Aghh. I’m hoping to find something that sounds good and makes sense. Idk. But I guess I’ve got plenty of time.

      Thanks for reading, Audrey!💙

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  2. YES I AGREE WITH ALL THE THINGS. Except… I’m not exactly a pumpkin-flavored fan. *hides* My family makes this pumpkin cream pie that’s pretty good, but… otherwise I don’t understand the love over pumpkin?? *shrug* Oh well. 😛

    I’M SO GLAD NANOWRIMO IS GOING WELL FOR YOU. That makes my heart incredibly happy. I really, really hope progress continues to come along well. 😀

    katie grace
    a writer’s faith

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    1. Haha, well, it’s not for everyone I guess😂 I feel like my obsessive with it was born from force. It makes it feels more like fall (because sometimes the lack of cool air in Texas leaves it feeling like summer)!

      Thank you so much!! And great job with your progress as well, Katie!


  3. YAAAAS TO EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST. :’) also your words about Jesus are both uplifting and beautiful <333 it's true, we all have SO MUCH to be grateful for! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because of that. AND YES PEOPLE ARE SO EAGER FOR CHRISTMAS HAHA. I can't really get into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving but that's just me. xD

    EEEEP SO GLAD NANOWRIMO IS GOING GOOD FOR YOU. *applause and waffles for you* Also I feel you about high word counts! I always predict my books will be at least 20k words more than they actually turn out to be…haha *nervous laughter* BUT OH WELL. There are lots of famous books that are surprisingly short!! 😉 ALSO my favorite way to find names is to browse the different lists they have on Nameberry.com…there's usually lots of unique (but not too weird) names to be found on there!


    rock on,

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    1. YES! We have been blessed abundantly! And I know! It’s so crazy. We don’t really do anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving night, we break out the Christmas movies!!😂

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And haha, glad I’m not the only one! That’s true, though. And I’m sure after some edits, it’ll be a little longer, so even if I don’t reach 50k for NaNoWriMo, I’ll at least have the first draft done!

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely look at the site. Thank you for reading, Abbiee! Happy Thanksgiving!


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