Interview with Audrey Caylin. 

Hey, everyone! I’m so excited to be interviewing the talented writer and blogger, Audrey Caylin! Thanks so much for letting me interview you. We’re doing a post swap, so you can find her interview with me over on her blog.


 img_0646Audrey Caylin is a full-time dreamer and aspiring independent author, living on words and the wild beauty of life. Somewhere along the way, she began searching for green flashes during sunsets and embraced a mission to bring hope to the world through her writing. Being a ghostwriter for God is now her greatest joy and honor as she weaves stories of faith and feeling for other young adults. When she’s not writing or dreaming, she’ll probably be driving along the west coast with the windows rolled down or with her face tilted to the sky on a rainy day. You can follow her journey toward accomplishing her dreams at her blog:

And now for the interview…

Hey Audrey, I’m so excited to be interviewing you! Can you tell us about your WIP?

I recently switched WIPs, and have just begun the first draft, so I don’t have a ton of details. But it’s a young adult dystopian novel with a twist of fantasy and a hint of sci-fi. The main character is a blind girl, and the premise is that she has an illegal dream.

That sounds so neat!! Plus, I love dystopian, so. Ok, for one day, would you rather be your current WIP’s antagonist, protagonist, or anti-hero (if your story has one)?

My antagonist is terribly misguided, so not him. My protagonist is blind, so I guess I could survive a day like that. But I would choose my anti-hero. Despite his rather horrific past, on a day to day basis, he’s average and gets along with everyone… you know, until his loyalties become torn 😉

Speculative—I can’t choose a subgenre, like sci-fi or space opera, since I can never write purely one (I sort of mix and mash genres together lol). I do have a soft spot for fantasy though, even if it isn’t pure fantasy. Basically anything is possible in fantasy; there doesn’t even have to be a scientific explanation for it. The sky is the limit!

The ability to delve into the depths of reality, to look at why people do the things they do, and what the consequences are. To create civilizations out of nothing and to be entrusted with the journeys and secrets of fictional souls that can act as mirrors to our own. Simply, I love to create something that is so similar yet different to the world we live in, and has the ability to convey messages applicable to our own lives.

Yes!! I totally agree. Where is your favorite place to write?

I don’t have a specific place, but it must be quiet, and preferably near a window with trees outside. Nature inspires me to write, so I like to be able to peek out the window and get instant inspiration.

Nadine Brandes—her stories are epic and resonate deeply with me, and her writing style is pure gold. Jaye L. Knight—she’s a very successful Christian indie author who has created a wonderful community around her, something I hope to one day do. Finally, Bryan Davis—he’s my favorite author of all time. His novels introduced me to Christian fiction and had a deep impact on my spiritual life.

Wow, that’s tough! In regards to my writing journey, I would say: write for God, not for yourself. In regards to writing as a craft, it would be what Jill Williamson told me—write a lot and write fast. Write lots of novels. Get the first drafts done, and edit later. The best way to become a better novelist is to write more novels.

img_0654I agree! That’s great advice. Practice makes perfect! Now, what are your favorite writing resources?

K.M. Weiland’s blog, Helping Writers Become Authors, is my #1 favorite writing resource! I learned all about plotting, character arcs, theme, scene structure, and writing voice from her, and continue to. Her podcasts are also helpful if I need something to listen to. Next would be Kingdom Pen, a Christian blog/forum. The articles are wonderful for a Christian writer, and their course on Theme Mastery really refined my writing. Plus the people in the forum are some of the most fun, encouraging fellow writers! The last one would be the Young Writers Workshop. The forum is excellent, and they produce a ton of content every week, from editing sessions to how to overcome writers block and discouragement to interviews with professionals—anything writing related, and you’ll find a video about it there!

img_0655I love K.M. Weiland! She’s amazing. Definitely my favorite. Switching gears, here, what is your greatest writing dream and your goals this year to get closer to accomplishing it?

My greatest writing dream is to write a novel that gives someone hope. A novel that makes them cry “I’ve been there!” and allows them to see the light in the darkness and pursue it with all they have. A novel that changes them and makes them look at themselves and ask, “am I the best person I can be?”

That’s obviously a huge ambition! There is no way I’ll ever be able to know for sure if my writing will do that, as I only hope it will do that to a single person, a single soul I may never meet.

My goals this coming school year to get closer to that is to move along with publishing a book. I’m hoping my newest WIP will be the book I publish first, so I’m going full-speed ahead with writing it, editing it, then sending it through several rounds of alpha readers and beta readers. I’d love it to be at an editor this time next year, then it’s on to interior design, cover design, and publication, and hopefully reaching that one person 🙂

img_0656Wow! That might be a huge ambition, but it’s totally worth-while. Now, for a crazy question… If you could only write a book about one more idea before you die, what idea would you write about?

Um, everything? xD I’d love to rewrite a certain novel in a trilogy that is really close to my heart, but since I’ve already written it, that wouldn’t be the first on my list.

I think I’d write a novel that was inspired by the poem “Footprints in the Sand.” I don’t have a concrete plot for it, but the whole idea really speaks to me on a personal level. That would be the book idea I’d write.

So why am I not writing it right now? Good question xD Mainly because I don’t feel it’s ready and that the ideas I have right now are the ones I’m meant to write first.

img_0657That’s so cool that you were inspired by a poem! Sounds like a great idea. And lastly, to wrap up our interview, how does being a Christian affect your writing?

In the most general sense, it gives me more motivation to write. When I find it difficult to write, I remember Who it is I am writing for, Who put the pen in my hand and urges me to spread light and truth in this world to reach souls. It also challenges me to convey the themes of my books in powerful ways that will reach others on a deep level.

And sometimes it makes me want to throw aside all grammatical rules and just write beautiful words and praises to Him!

That’s awesome! It’s so cool that God gives us gifts like these to fulfill unique purposes. Thanks again for doing this interview with me, Audrey! It was a blast. 

Be sure to go follow Audrey on social media and on her blog. She has a whole bunch of inspirational posts! Her blog is goals!!







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    1. Thanks, Hailey! I’m not sure where I got the idea from, but I feel that all writers who aspire to glorify God with their writing are ghostwriters for Him!

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