Outlining + School Prep

It’s August.

What?? Like, how is that even possible? It was just June…? And I only thought I was done being busy. Turns out, when the busy-ness is over, the summer won’t just be almost over, school will be starting!!! 

I really need to get back into a good routine so I can be more disciplined when school starts up. I’m trying to keep my schedule and goals light so as not to stress me out and keep me too busy. 

My Schedule.

Honestly, if I could live with a constant schedule, I would. I’m just kind of…schedule oriented? But, alas… I can’t really stay on a schedule when my family’s not on the same page, and there’s just too much spontaneous stuff that comes up. 

But. I’m still gonna work at kind of structuring my day. Here’s kind of a general idea…

  • 6:00 – Walk // Quiet Time

Biggest thing (plus, it kinda decides the rest of my day…). I really wanna get in the habit of getting up (preferably before everyone else), walking, and starting the day in prayer. 

  • 7:00 – Breakfast 

Also, trying to eat healthy, so. But yeah, gotta have breakfast, right?

  • 8:00 – Outlining 

My {book} writing time. 

  • 9:00 – Journaling 

Or just other writing. Random, whatever. Maybe some music.

  • 10:00 – Reading 

READING TIME. This has been something I reallllllyyyy need to make more time for. Like, I’ve been so busy + writing in all my spare time, so. Gotta get back on this. (I’m about to start A Time To Die from the Out of Time trilogy- I’ve heard it’s really good!!)

  • 11:00 – Lunch 
  • 12:00 – NAPPPPPP!
  • 1:00 – Music Practice 

So piano, guitar, cello…I really need to work on that last one, especially.

  • 3:00 – Snack 

The rest is just kind of clean up, and then of course dinner, bedtime routine…

It won’t, of course, look like this when school starts up. It’ll be quite different. But, there’s kind of my hope for getting back into a good routine. 

My School Subjects.

What are you guys taking? I’m headed into junior year (which is insane, by the way), so here are my courses:

  • Bible 

#Perksofbeinghomeschooled WE HAVE BIBLE CLASS! I’m excited about this one. We actually have one Bible course for each semester. Jesus and His followers and Life Management. Our high school Bible classes have been awesome the last two years, and I’m sure I’ll love these just as much. 

  • U.S. History 

FINALLY!!!! I’ve been wanting to take this for forever! I feel like we’re alllllways learning about other countries (you wanna know every state and capital of Africa? No problem). Now I finally get to learn about my country’s history. 

  • Chemistry 

No, however, excited about this one. I’ve always hated anything science. I might not have as much trouble if I weren’t so behind on math…

  • Algebra 1

But I am. I’m taking Algebra 1. And ok, for years, I was great at teaching myself math. Up until eighth grade, I was fine. But then… I just got to the point where I couldn’t understand it by myself. So…..I got really behind. I’m trying not to stress out though. If I have to complete an extra math course before I can go to college or take college courses, it’s fine! …right?

  • English 

Eaaaaaaasyyyyy peasyyyy if I’m allowed to say so. I’ve always done well in English (hence, the whole writer deal). So I don’t really mind it (except diagraming- I hate diagraming). 

  • Spanish

Yo hablo español! But…only a little. I’ll be continuing learning this year, though, so. 

So. There’s how school’s gonna look this year. Writing wise?


Here’s what I’ll be working on for the next little while. I recently bought Outlining Your Novel by K.M. Weiland. It’s soooo awesomeeeeee!! Seriously, it’s been seriously helpful, and I totally wish I’d realized the importance of outline before I wrote my last book (but…I did not know, and I kinda started on a whim). 

Here are some things I’ve loved from it. 

  • What if questions and a one sentence premise. 

The what if questions are really helpful, especially if your idea isn’t so developed. As for the one sentence premise, well. Yes, it’s hard to pack your story into one sentence, and mine is rather long, but it’s really a good thing to do. And, as it mentioned, it’s really awesome to be able to tell people what your book is about in one sentence. So, I really liked this advice.

  • Pre-outline questions.

Questions like, what are several main plot points, and what could go wrong in each point. It gets you thinking about all the possibilities for your story. I found it helpful just analyzing potential problems. 

  • Desire & Conflict.

I know this one is kind of obvious, but I didn’t have a clue the first time I wrote a book. Find out what your character wants, and then put things in the way of him getting it. This basically gives you a tiny, simplified outline. At least, I feel like it does. 

  • Character Interviews.

MY FAVORITE. These are so fun, and sooo helpful. Even the most basic questions help you learn things about your characters you didn’t know before. They help build the plot because you know the characters. 

My Works in Progress.

So, I said before I’m working on the next book in my series, Will: The Homeschool Kids. Outlining is going really well. 

But I also decided to start another project that I’m really excited about, but also really worried about. I guess I’m worried it’s not gonna work out, so I don’t want to build it up? But I’ve also been wanting to write it for so long. 

It’s gonna be dystopian. Kind of. Like, I’m pretty sure. My story line is, well, weird. So, we’ll see what happens. I also have no idea how many book it will be. I’d originally wanted it to be a trilogy, but I don’t know if it’ll be long enough for that. Who knows, maybe when I’m done outlining, I’ll have a substantial story, and it’ll work. 

Do you have any kind of schedule you try to stick to? What grade are you going into? What is your WIP?

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