Sweet Sixteen

So two big things kind of happened this week…

First off, I turned 16!!!!

Oh my word, it’s insane. Like, how am I not still 12? How? I don’t even know. Time just flies by so fast, and that just kind of really hit me when I was 11. So like, every year, I hate the thought of being a year older (and for some reason, I just really like 12 and 16? Yeah, I don’t know.) But I was actually kind of excited to turn 16. I mean, you know, sweet sixteen and all that. Haha, I’ll still probably end up saying 15 when someone asks my age. It just doesn’t even seem real!

So, my birthday was on a Tuesday. We have Terrific Tuesdays during the summer for the kids at my church, so here’s what happened. Monday night, we stayed in a hotel. Then, the next morning, we got up and drove back to the church to meet up with the kids and other leaders. We went to AT&T stadium for a tour- my twin brother was like, really excited about that (yes, I have a twin). And ok, we had to keep an eye on the kids in our groups, but I got to spend the day with my two best friends. So that’s fun!

Later, the Terrific Tuesday group headed back to the church and we stayed around and went to Six Flags!! I’ve finally ridden all the big rides there (I hadn’t gotten to ride the Joker before, so.) Then we went to eat afterwards.

Ok. So, we went to Six Flags with some close friends… Um…when we’re all together, things get a little…fun.

So our hotel was really close to where we ate? And all of us kids headed back over with my dad at like…I don’t know, somewhere 12 AM? We sat. In the lobby. For hours. Gosh, I was so tired, and we were all kind of hyper. And I randomly decided to go do a live Instagram video on my personal account for the first time? So me and my friend got a big kick out of ourselves on there…

Then, somewhere around 2, she and I walked back to where we ate and our moms were still there. Oh my word! So we all headed back over to the hotel, and sat in the lobby for another hour… And we ate some cookie cake that we really didn’t need… I finally went to bed at like, 3…

So yeah, that’s how my birthday went. It was pretty fun!

And guys…like, I’m sixteen now. Like, I’ll hopefully be driving (which really freaks me out) soon, and getting a job! It’s crazy!


Oh. My. Word. Guys, I was so so excited! Like, I didn’t think I was gonna meet my goal of publishing on July 15, but I actually published on the 16th! Two days before my birthday! Guys, it’s just…it’s so cool. Like, how this even real, right? It’s insane! I’ve been waiting for this for years!

I could literally go on about excited I am all day. Haha, I won’t do that to you, though 😉

BUT! Totally go check it out! You can find the link on my page The Homeschool Kids.

So, next….

I’ll be working on the first draft of my next book in the series, Will: The Homeschool Kids (it’s also on that page^^^). Annnnnd… I’ve also got another idea I’m thinking about. A dystopian kind of thing. Thinking about putting a page up for it. Because here’s the things. A lot of my inspiration is just writing what I want to read. That’s how I came up with this idea. So, I know I’d read it. But I wanna know what y’all think of it, too.

So, this post was kind of just me getting excited…it wasn’t really organized I guess? Haha, forgive me, I wish I wrote perfect, beautiful blog posts! Buuuuut….yeah, no. I feel like I just kind of ramble in my posts a lot. I need to get a for real game plan. I just like blogging, lol!

How old are you, and what’s your WIP? Happy writing, guys!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen”

  1. HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY! Sixteen is SUCH surreal age and I can’t believe I’m turning that in October O.O Since I turned fifteen I’ve had a hard time believing my age xD

    So driving IS a little scary at first. I’ll definitely admit that. It just takes some getting used to, then it feels less scary and more like “wow, this is actually pretty easy.” As for the test… I’ll probably be taking it in October. I’ll let you know how it goes 😛

    CONGRATS again on your book! It was totally fun to freak out with you seconds after it was published 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe!! Thank you! And I know, it’s crazy! And also, like, I’m not mature enough for this age lol!

      Yeah, I’ve only driven once…at like, 10 mph…I gotta get more in. I’m working on hours for a permit right now (I’m behind🙈) But yes!! Let me know how it goes!

      Thank you!!!! Lol, yeah thanks for freaking out with me!😂 It was fun🙈


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