Second Quarter Highlights

Well, looks like we are officially halfway through the year! That’s absolutely insane!! It’s really been a great year, though. And several 2017 Bucket list items have been checked off. It is kind of sad how fast it’s all gone by, though.

So. Here are some highlights from the last three months:


  • To kick off the month, April 1st, we went to a friend’s wedding. It was fun because we hadn’t seen that family in a while. And it was a funny wedding too since it was on April Fool’s Day!
  • We started watching ‘When Calls the Heart.’ (April 2nd)
  • I played piano in my youth group for the first time!!! (April 5th)
  • Easter party in our community! I did face painting for it. And after doing it for about three different events before then, I finally felt somewhat used to and comfortable with it. (April 15th)
  • Easter!!! (April 16th)
  • CHRIS TOMLIN CONCERT!!!!! It was so awesome!!!!! (April 21st)
  • *awkwardly smiles* *awkwardly smiles again* *finally talks* Inside joke with me- this needs to be noted.
  • This is not a good one by any means, but. We had a couple tornados hit. It was scary. Especially since I knew some of the people who saw it / were affected by it.
  • Ranger game & Lecrae concert. Pretty kewl -My Youth Pastor (April 30th)


  • Two of my little sisters’ birthdays, plus a party. (May 2nd, 7th, 16th)
  • I have two nicknames. 😛
  • We finally got to see ‘The Resurrection of Gavin Stone’! It was so so good!!
  • HERE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE HIGHTLIGHTS!!! LIKE, I NEVER THOUGHT I’D BE ABLE TO MARK THIS ONE OFF!!!!!! I WENT TO A CASTING CROWNS CONCERT!!! I LOVVVVVVVE CASTING CROWNS!!! And we started sponsoring a kid, and I got a super awesome long-sleeved mint green shirt that says “The Very Next Thing Casting Crowns.” And yes, I will wear it even when it’s the middle of the summer. Oh, and I suppose I should add that Danny Gokey and Unspoken were also there. THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!! (May 5)
  • Homeschool Day at Six Flags! BOMB! #PerksofbeingHomeschooled (May 11th)
  • The Erwin’s came and sang at my church! Also, we went to see ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’! Loved it! Jack is funny as always! (May 28th)


  • The same family whose wedding we went to? Well, this time, we went to a graduation. Again, it was really awesome getting to see them. (June 1st)
  • I went to a volleyball and a basketball get together for high school homeschooled girls. I have to say I liked the basketball one better. One, because I played basketball for like, five years before I moved. And also, the girls just seemed easier to talk to! Now, I may not actually get to play basketball (that would be totally awesome though, because I’ve missed it!), but it was fun to meet some girls and play one of my favorite sports.
  • VBS!!!!!!! It was sooooooooo much fun! I taught kindergarten with my friend, Haven, and it was just like, the most awesome thing ever! Like, I’ve never done anything like that before! We also did a skit thing every day. I was reallllly stressed out about the fourth day because I was sure I was gonna laugh (I am not good at acting!). But I managed (thank you, Lord!) It was crazy! But I had so much fun getting to know those kids, and teaching them about the God who created the universe!
  • I got feedback on all of my book! This was totally awesome!! Having people read my novel has really helped me feel more confident about it. I’m super excited to be at this point, and I cannot wait to publish.

Coming up:

  • Literally this coming week is youth camp! I am so excited, but it’s crazy to have just finished VBS, and now have to pack for next week! Hopefully I can get it all together. Please pray for me and my youth group this coming week!
  • I’m a part of Livy Jarmusch’s blog tour for her upcoming novel “The Coronation”! It is soooo good! You guys totally need to read it! I’ll be doing an interview with one of the characters on July 12th. So watch for that!
  • July 18th is my 16th birthday! It’s weird, I’m more excited this year than I normally am. Still a little sad thought, that yet another year has passed. Sixteen, though!!!


  • Use the feedback I’ve gotten to finish editing my book.
  • Have a good week at camp!
  • Do something fun for my birthday.
  • Go see the Marvel Spiderman movie (It’s still up in the air- don’t know if it’s clean).
  • Learn to (and own, because how else will I learn) play the cello.
  • Read more! I need to get a TBR list down. I’ve been so busy writing, and that’s only one of the many things I’ve had on my plate.
  • Write “Will: The Homeschool Kids” first draft. So excited about this one! (And I’m hoping to do it for Camp Nano, which I’ve never participated in before!!)

How has your first half of the year been? What did you do? Anything fun coming up? Any goals? Ok, and who else is doing Camp NaNo this coming month?? It’s my first time. I hope y’all have a great day!


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