When Life Happens…

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well { and being p r o d u c t i v e }

I recently set a goal: Finish editing my book by the end of May.

That seemed easy enough. I was really excited, really motivated, and getting realllllllyyyy close.

Well, guess what? #LifeHappens! 

I have been busy, busy, busy! We’ve had a birthday to plan, a funeral to go to, a concert, and so many other things ( all on top of school, which has gotten crazy as well ). Plus, I’ve been behind on blog posts, so that’s kind of stressed me out as well.

I have had next to no time for writing, and when I do have time, I’m so stressed out by everything else, or I’m just not focused or motivated at the end of the day to get anything done. 

So…what do you do when #LifeHappens?

  • Do NOT get stressed out. 

Don’t. Seriously, it doesn’t help anything. At all. I know it’s hard not to get stressed. Believe me, because my plan is to publish my book in two months, and if I don’t get some writing done, it’s not happening. I’m telling myself this just as much as I’m telling you guys. 

Philippians 4:6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

Honestly, being a Christian author is the best. Because like… God had a plan for me. He wanted me to write. So if I’m supposed to write- if that’s one of the ways I’m supposed to glorify Him- then He’s going to help me reach that goal. He’s going to guide me through the journey. I just have to pray for that peace that surpasses all understanding in the midst of my stress.

  • Remember: writing is fun, so enjoy it. It’s ok to get behind.

What I mean by that is, if you truly love writing, just write. Just enjoy the journey. If you’re not writing because you like to write, you may have a problem.

Deadlines and not reaching my goals does get stressful. But writing doesn’t- I love writing. And I just have to tell myself that, if I get behind a little, it’s ok. If i don’t meet exact deadlines, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not like if I don’t meet the deadline, my chance is over! No!! I just didn’t get it done in the timing I’d hoped for. And you know what? That happens. #LifeHappens, remember? And that’s completely ok! If you miss a deadline, do not give up. Just keep writing. You’re gonna get there, just like I will, even if it’s not the exact time planned.

  • Get back up. Don’t give up.

This is harrrrrd. It’s easy to get discouraged, tired, and just not feel like writing at the end of the day. This happens to me All. The. Time. Literally. Just a couple nights ago, we got home after a long day. I was sitting on my bed, scrolling, lettering…anything but getting out that laptop and opening up that Word document. 

I glared at it. “I don’t like you,” I whispered snarkily as I snatched it up. (No, not really, but…basically!)

I opened my laptop. I opened my word document. And…I stared at the screen. “I hate this story. I hate this. I’m so behind. I’ll never get done by the end of May. No way am I publishing it by July.” 

I typed a little. Went for the easier parts of the chapter. Read over parts I’d written…ughhhh. Typed a little more. 

And I shut it. Because GOSH, it gets hard. 

But if I do that every time I sit down to write, guess where I’m gonna get? No where. Certainly no where fast. Guys, don’t give up. Keep at it. And you know what else? Don’t hate your story. Just. Just don’t. It really doesn’t help. 

Seriously, though. Keep working! Don’t worry about the deadlines you missed! Don’t worry about when you’re going to finish! Just do it! In fact, it’s a lot easier to just sit down and work through as much as you can, because with a deadline? I tend to put it off until the last minute. Then I only get as much done as I have to. If I worked without deadlines, honestly, I’d probably get done a lot more than I had to. (Haha, I’ll definitely have a different plan with the next book!) 

So yeah. That was just as much for me as y’all because this is literally where I am right now. 

– Riley

Where are you in your writing? What’s the hardest thing for you? 

3 thoughts on “When Life Happens…”

  1. Deadlines. are. horrible. period. 😛 I live and die deadlines though, and have yet to conquer one. It’s like, I plan it all out, but when I actually start going after the plan and the deadline, barely anything turns out as expected. Like my novel right now. I’m sort of on schedule, but my word-count is going through the roof right now for some reason (and it’s already way too high). And I can REALLY stress myself out when it comes to something like this. So I’ve just got to sit back, (BREATHE), and realize that not everything is going to go as planned. But only as I’ve planned. It’s still all going as God planned, and that’s really cool to think about.

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    1. Yeah, deadlines stink. Very rarely have I actually met one. It stresses me out too. But yes, if I just stop thinking about my plan, not worry about the timing and focus on God’s, I’m sure it’ll all get done when the time comes. That’s definitely cool to think about. 🙂

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