My Bucketlist

Heyyyy guys! Hope you’re doing well today!

So, everybody has dreams, goals, hopes for the future. Some may be completely realistic, some may seem absolutely impossible. But, we still have them. I’ve definitely had both. I thought I’d share my tops:

  • Publish my book!!!

Obviously this is a big one. And I feel like I’m getting really close! Sooo excited! Just imagining what it’ll be like to have published a book…like I just can’t even! I am so so so excited!! Ahhhh!

  • Meet James Arnold Taylor

1. Because he plays Obi-wan Kenobi on Star Wars: The Clone Wars (yes, as well as many, many others, but this is my fav!)

2. Because he’s just totally cool and I look up to him!

  • Meet Ashley Eckstein 

Same here. Clone Wars actress of Ahsoka, and also the founder of Her Universe. She’s so awesome!

  • Go to a Casting Crowns concert.

I lovvvvvve Casting Crowns (I guess I made that obvious in my post My Favorite Songs!) One day, I will go to a Casting Crowns concert (and I’m just saying, it’d be even cooler if MercyMe was there too? Also really like them!)

  • Go to a specific writing camp…

So I mentioned in my post First Quarter Highlights that I reallllllyyyy wanted to go to writing camp. I really don’t know if this will ever work. But hey, I can hope, right? I’m trying to save up a lot, so. I don’t know, we’ll see. Ugh I wanna go so bad!

  • Go to a MercyMe concert

Because even if it wasn’t with Casting Crowns wasn’t with them, it’d still be the bomb!

  • Start a YouTube channel

I actually started one, but I have not posted anything. Any ideas for one?

  • Write a song

Because it would be soooo cool, but it seems soooo hard! I love playing instruments, I love music, I love singing, so. Ahhh it’d be awesome! I actually just started one, so. We’ll see how it goes (all I’ve got is the chorus and a verse, but I’ve added chords and stuff, so.)

  • Learn to play the cello

Because I want to learn to play every instrument starting with this one, lol! Just kidding, that’ll probably never happen, but it would be cool. Anyway, I’d love to learn to the cello.

  • Celebrate my 16th birthday

I don’t even know what I’d wanna do. And it wouldn’t be like huge because I’ve got like…two friends in an hour’s range from me? Yeah I don’t know. But yeah, it’d be fun.

  • Go on a mission trip 

Would be soooo cool! Especially somewhere specifically helping with kids (I love helping with kids!) Hopefully someday!

  • Meet Livy (Crown of Beauty magazine founder)

Because this would be totally awesome! I’ve only talked to her a couple of times, but she is a great role model, and someone I look up to.

  • Read the whole Bible

Because I totally need to! I mean, I don’t know how much I’ve read, but it probably hasn’t been all that much speaking honestly. I need to start the read the Bible in a year thing…

  • Lose weight

Because who doesn’t? I’ve lost a little, but I’m not to my goal yet.

This is only a few I guess (the others things are kinda small, and I guess it’d take a while if I mentioned every one!) But yeah.

What are your goals, hopes, and dreams? 

4 thoughts on “My Bucketlist”

  1. I also have so many hopes and goals! I really want to see a MercyMe concert as well. I did also plan to have a nice 16th birthday party but I never got time to plan anything big and even when I tried to organise something smaller no one seemed to want to come 😞😂 As for reading the whole bible, that sure is a challenge but I’ve been trying for a while now. It’s really cool that you’re writing a book, I’m trying to write one with my mum and get it published but we never finished it. We seem to have a lot of the same things on our bucket list 😂🤗

    Abby | http://www.teenagehomedder.blogspot.com

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    1. MercyMe is awesome!! I’m sorry your party didn’t go as you’d hoped. It sounded pretty cool on your blog anyway. I’m kind of ok with a smaller thing because I don’t have that many friends where I live anyway. But I don’t know. Do you follow some plan to read the Bible? I don’t know what to do! And you should totally keep trying to write a book. That’d be so cool! Awesome that we’ve got a lot of stuff in common!


      1. Yeah they are 🤣 , aww don’t worry, I did have a nice Birthday ☺️ I have lots of plans I could do for reading the Bible; there are some in my reading notes and on our church newsletter. I’m sure there are some on the internet if you wanted to find some. Sadly, I never get round to it 😶 xx

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      2. Funny enough, my youth pastor just told me last night that he found something for reading through the Bible that we might do with some of the other youth! I was like “Yes! I was just wanting to do that!” Haha! Worked out awesome!😂


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