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My Favorite Book Series.

Looking for something good to read this year? I’ve got several book series that I recommend! One of the series I read several years ago, one, only a couple years or so, and the last one, just this past month. But they’re all very good, and I have to say they’re my favorites.

  • ‘The Missing series’ by Margaret Peterson Haddox
  • ‘The Swipe series’ by Evan Angler
  • ‘The Homelanders series’ by Andrew Klavan

All of these are Christian fiction, but God isn’t necessarily as prevalent in one as another.

  • ‘The Missing series’

It’s been a while since I’ve read this one. There are seven books in this series. They are about a teenage boy, Jonah Skidmore, who was stolen from the past when he was a baby. He is only one of many other ‘missing’ children, who were brought to the future to be sold- sold because they come from important families, royalty even. The time travelers who stole them hoped to get a high price for them, bringing them on a plane through time- but there was time crash, and they failed to reach their destination. Now these children have grown up in the time they crashed in, thinking they were normal- though adopted- children. Until…

Well, I don’t want to spoil the book. But, yeah. Because these children were stolen from their real time, their original “time” must be “fixed.” Those this series tells of the adventures Jonah takes back in time.

This series is clean, but as I mentioned earlier, God is not really the center of the story. Jonah believes in God, and he mentions Him occasionally, but again, it’s not really focused on as much.

This series is exciting, and hard to put down. It always leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next. Most all the books stand alone, but book 3 has a bit of a cliffhanger, and it, along with book 4, was one of my favorites. And the theme of the story, time travel, was definitely entertainment to read. I’ve heard different time travel stories, most of them movies, but I have to say I liked this one the most. I definitely recommend this series!

  • ‘The Swipe series’

I LOVE this series. I read this one back in 2015. This one’s for sure Christian fiction, dealing with ‘the mark.’ It’s about a boy, Logan Langley, who is about to turn 13, and receive the mark. But he is nervous; his older sister went to get the mark on her thirteenth birthday, and never returned. It’s rare that one should not return, but she was one of the few. And he’s being followed, which adds to his uneasiness.

Logan comes to find out that the people following him, members of ‘the Dust,’ specifically their leader, believe that it’s no accident- the people who never return from getting the mark. Their leader believes that there is a pattern, certain people who could cause trouble in the future, that don’t make it. This small, rare handful are known as flunkies. He believes that Logan, like his sister, will not return from his marking.

I absolutely loved this series! It’s a real page turner, and the characters are amazing. There are so many twists that make this story so exciting, and it’s just an all around good, clean Christian fiction series.

I will add, however, that this series seems to cut short. The fourth and last book in this series skips three years, and introduces a completely new set of characters. It was not my favorite. And the end of the book clearly makes it seem as though another book is coming. But this book was released almost three years ago, and I can find no reason to believe that there will be another one. (Please let me know if any of you happen to have any information! I’d be thrilled!)

Over all, though, I loved this series! Highly recommend it.

  • ‘The Homelanders series’

I cannot even begin to say home much I enjoyed this series. First off, this book is written in first person, and I love stories that are told by the character, so, I already loved it from page one. Also, maybe it’s because it’s really the first book series I’ve really read since becoming serious about writing, but the writing was just incredible. The description was just perfect, and the characters were all amazing. You really get to know the main character (again, gotta love first person), as well as all the other important people in this series. Andrew Klavan is an amazing author! And lastly, this book is just so exciting. I could not put it down. Like, I literally had to force myself to by the last book (because does anyone else rush through the first books, and then try to take it slow in the last one because you don’t want it to be over? That was me!) I was lucky to have read these books after they were all released, because I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I’d had to wait in between each one. They’re all cliffhangers, and just all throughout the books you’re waiting to see what happens next. And seriously guys, yes, I cried in most of them (I won’t mention which ones!)

So, now to what this series was actually about!

Charlie West is a 17 year old kid, with a normal family, normal life. He has friends. He takes karate. And, there’s this girl.

But all that changes one night, one normal night, when he goes to sleep…only to wake up strapped to a chair, beaten, bruised, about to be tortured to death. And he has no idea why! So as he tries desperately to escape this nightmare, he struggles to think of the last thing he can remember. The last normal day he’d had before his life got turned upside down.

I think one reason I like this book is because, as a writer, honestly the most exciting beginning I can think of is going to sleep on a normal night, then waking up and it’s all gone. You’re being tortured. It just seems so interesting to write! And when I read the first chapter, my thoughts were, Ok, where is this going? No one just wakes up and then they’re being tortured! Who could actually come up with a story that makes sense and goes with this beginning? Haha, Andrew Klavan, I suppose. And he did an amazing job! It all totally makes sense, and I cannot say anything I didn’t like about this series. It is just nonstop excitement and suspense.

And this book is definitely Christian fiction. Charlie West is that kind of kid- that Christian, American, ‘good’ kid. His relationship with God, and how it helps him through his struggles is continuously seen throughout the series. It was awesome. And it even more makes me want to make sure Christ is woven into any book I write. It makes me want to glorify God with everything I write (He is, after all, the reason I live and the reason I have the talents I do. I have them for the purpose of serving Him and giving back to Him!) I’d have to say Andrew Klavan is probably my favorite author.

So there you go! If you’re looking for some good fiction to read this year, I highly recommend these book series! If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments, or send me a link if you’ve written a book review. I’d love to take a look.

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