Inside My Notebooks.

Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

So, as a writer, I keep just a few notebooks… Ok, maybe more than just a few! But I thought I’d share a few of them with you!

  • Daily Journaling
  • Goals and Dreams
  • General Book Ideas
  • Lists
  • Bullet Journal
  • Drawings/Lettering
  • Ideas Specifically for the Book I’m Working

I have others as well, plus many I’ve filled, but you get the picture. Each one is important to me, and in this post, I’ll tell you why.

  • Daily Journaling

I mentioned in my post And Then, I Started Writing. that journaling was how I really got into writing in the first place. I wrote down everything that happened, just what was going on in my head, and kept it to look back at. I’ve kept up with this pretty well over the past couple of years.

I recommend keeping a journal, especially to aspiring writers, or writers just starting out. It really helps you get used to writing. And something else I’ve found: It can be a lot easier to write about your own experiences, because, well, you experienced it. You know what happened. So, it helps to write out what happens to you in great detail. Act as if you’re the character, and your experience is an adventure! It really does help.

  • Goals and Dreams

I really like this one. It helps me keep track of how far I’ve come, and how my dreams and goals have changed over the years. Almost three years ago, I guess, my idea and hope for the future was completely different. It wasn’t writing. It was something completely different that I thought I wanted more than anything else. Well, I’m not so focused on that dream anymore. Sure, there are times I still think ‘it’ would be cool. And I like reading back through what I once thought about that dream. But… I am 100% sure writing is my calling. It’s cool to look back and see the transition from one goal or dream to another, though. Even now, it’s my place to go when I just need to get my thoughts and feelings toward my dream down on paper.

  • General Book Ideas


I am pretty sure every writer has at least one of these. If you don’t…uh, that’s a little bit strange. But seriously. This is probably one of the most important notebooks for a writer. I write down scene ideas for books I’m currently working on, jot down ideas for future books, or just use writing prompts I find to get my creative juices flowing. I use this one almost every day. (And if I don’t, I’m writing in something else- unless it’s just a really busy day!)

  • Lists

Ok, this one’s just a personal preference. It’s fun, it’s random, and it’s normally in my backpack so that I can jot down a list if I get bored when I’m out somewhere. I have ‘Character names’ to ‘Songs I’m hooked on’ to (yes, literally) ‘Favorite line from each Star Wars Rebels Episode (I LOVE Star Wars, alright?) But yeah, so this one is pretty much just a fun, when-you’re-bored notebook.


Ok, so I actually just started mine at the beginning of the year, but I totally love it! It (most of the time) helps me keep on a schedule, motivates me to stick with my goals (I don’t know, just something about it being written in a bullet journal?), and is just a fun way to look back at the year so far. I can’t wait to see what it’s like at the end of the year!

  • Drawing/Lettering

I love drawing, and lettering, and calligraphy, and all that. So, yeah, I guess it would be more of a sketchbook, but I always have one close by my other notebooks. (Ok, and shout out to Tombow Dual brush pens, because they are the bomb! I use them for lettering, and for my bullet journal!)

  • Ideas Specifically for the Book I’m Working On

So, this one’s kind of obvious. Gotta have one of these. I mean, sure, I type out the majority of my work (I guess my laptop is one of my many ‘notebooks’), but I definitely prefer planning and outlining and all that good stuff in a notebook. I also like using it to just randomly jot down scene ideas that might be cool. Not necessarily writing out the whole thing, but just having them written out for future reference. And I use it for character ideas, descriptions, and stuff like that. (Nothing beats a notebook and a good pen, y’all!)


Let me know what notebooks you have and what you use them for! Happy writing, everyone!

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